Horrifying Lace

Courtesy Lionsgate/CBS Films.

Lace curtains aren’t just for historical dramas…

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark used dozens of our Regency, Old Colony, Melrose, Wreath, Highland Rose and Honeybee panels.

We at Cooper Lace provide lace curtains to hundreds of film and television sets; typically, it’s a drama set in the past, such as Dickinson, Underground or The Beguiled. Set decorators love our patterns, because of their beauty and authenticity, and they help to create a historic feel quickly and affordably.

And then there’s the scary stuff…

It’s surprising how often our lace shows up in horror and suspense films and shows; set decorators shred it, stain it dark brown and leave it in tatters, all to convey a spooky or mysterious aura.

Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween just purchased our Gothic panels, the same pattern as was used for the Google Pixel Phone advertisement, where Dracula made a cameo appearance.  Locke and Key and Crimson Peak also chose Cooper Lace and then, there’s a murder scene in Equalizer 2: I was told they bought many spares because of all the blood…

Photo Credits:

Scary Stories:  Lionsgate/CBS Films

Dracula: Google Pixel

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