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Nottingham lace curtain panels woven in
documented designs dating from 1870-1930
and suitable for historic and vintage interiors.
Cooper Lace Historics
Cooper Lace Exclusives

Cooper Lace


The most distinctive selection of Arts &
Crafts, Victorian and Art Deco lace curtains
available, designed for us by renowned
artisans and woven in the highest quality
100% Scottish cotton.
Cooper Lace Exclusives
Cooper Lace Traditionals

Cooper Lace


A collection of delicate Late Victorian
and Edwardian Nottingham lace curtains
embellished with floral and neo-classical motifs
Cooper Lace Traditionals
Founded in 2007, Cooper Lace has become the largest North American resource of Scottish Cotton Lace Curtains. We offer our exclusive historic lace curtain panels in the widest range of patterns in the Classical, Victorian, Craftsman, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles; they provide beautiful privacy and allow sunlight to gently filter into your home. We promise you the fastest, most personalized service of any firm, and will help you select the best pattern and size for your room on an individualized basis. Please call or email us for immediate assistance!

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To learn about historic reproduction Wilton, Brussels and Axminster carpets from 1790-1950, please go to Visit Paper Lace for a unique line of
wallpaper featuring lace patterns interpreted
in distinctive colorings:
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