Craftsman Pairs


Those striving for the ultimate in Mission and Bungalow styling (or any authentic c. 1910 interior) need look no further than Cooper Lace’s Craftsman Pairs. The design is a reproduction taken from Gustav Stickley’s The Craftsman magazine, and the pattern we’ve chosen was described by Stickley as “our most elaborate” design. Each pair of 100% Scottish Cotton Madras panels is comprised of a left and right, mirror-imaged panel that features cotton muslin framed on the bottom and inner sides with a sturdy, yet intricate Arts & Crafts border. Cooper Lace is proud to be the first to offer a Gustav Stickley lace curtain design, affirming its place as the leader in Historic Lace Curtains. Because much of this pattern is plain field, these curtains are meant to be gathered more than many of our designs and may be hung fuller in your windows.