Our exclusive Gothic lace curtain panel, affirms Cooper Lace’s position as the innovator in lace curtain design. Originating from the archives of Arcalus Design of Portland, Oregon, the Gothic Lace Panel is the most spectacular lace curtain panel to be woven in over a century, and is the only Gothic lace curtain available today! This grand panel features distinctive Gothic embellishments that include Lancet arches, tracery, crockets, and diamond-paned glass, all combined and woven into a three-dimensional trompe-l’oeil effect and presented as a conservatory window with a potted fern on a tiled floor.

Woven from 100% cotton, this lace curtain is perfect for owners of Gothic, Edwardian and Tudor Revival houses and anyone who seeks a unique enhancement to their home. Suitable not only as a window treatment, but also intended to be a striking wall-hanging, tapestry or bed-hanging, the Gothic lace curtain panel will lend a stunning presence to any room.